Services We Provide
We sell our tables at Southern California art shows.
We also accept custom orders.

20" circle  $175                 20" square  $235
22" circle  $235                 22" square  $255
24" circle  $265                 24" square  $315
28" circle  $365                 28" square  $425
25" x 21" abstract  $285
* All prices include sturdy wrought iron base

Custom Designs
Custom designs are available. Design cost $150.
Includes custom design template and choice of materials.
Tables take approximately 8 -12 weeks to complete.   
Our Process:
We use the 'indirect method' (upside down and backwards)
exclusively to make our tables. This produces a clean flush
surface and allows for a variety of materials.

We use 10,000-psi concrete (compared to 3000-psi
conventional use concrete) to ensure durability. Tables are
sealed top and bottom after 30 days of curing.

The wrought iron rim and table base are primed and painted
with Rust-oleum 'Textured Black'.

Our Technique