About Us
Cherryl Clark
Cherryl and Lin's work is truly a collaboration, with Cherryl's design experience
and Lin's craftmanship. With a Masters degree in Fine Art and over 30 years as
a Creative Director, Cherryl develops the designs and style of their work. Lin is
the craftsman and technician, developing solutions that make their work flawless
and defined.

Both Cherryl and Lin started their love of mosaics in 1998 taking classes at
Glendale college in mosaic stepping stones. As their expertise developed
requests for tables soon followed. They took mosaic table classes in El Monte,
CA with Minerva Smith and Steve Baer of MosaicTile Supply.

In addition, Cherryl and Lin traveled to Ravenna, Italy in 2006 to continue their
mosaic coursework. Considered the 'Mosaic Capital of the World' they studied
under master mosaicist Luciana Notturni at the "Mosaic School Ravenna".


Lin and Cherryl are both members of SAMA the Society of American Mosaic
Cherryl and Lin
Ravenna, Italy
Luciana Notturni and Lin
Ravenna, Italy
Cutting smalti with 'hardie'
Byzantine technique
Lin McDonough
The workshop