Indirect Method
Step 2
Place clear contact paper (sticky side up)
over entire pattern. Lay tile face down.
Step 4
Complete tile and glass layout.
Step 5
Place wrought iron ring around design.
Step 12
Make sure cement is adequately
distributed to sides of design.
Step 13
Using a ruler remove excess cement
to ensure a flat and even surface.
(this is the back of the table).
Step 14
While the cement is still wet you can
imprint a logo in the back.
Step 16
Clean excess cement
with water and sponge.
Step 17
Wait 24 hours. Some areas will need
additional cement to fill in gaps.
Step 21
Seal back of table  with Glaze 'N Seal.
Step 22
Seal top with Tile Lab Grout and Tile Sealer.
Step by Step Process:
    Step 1
Create pattern. Pattern must be
inverted because work is reversed.
I. Mosaic Layout
                 Step 3
Lay outside tile first and build
   toward middle of design.
II. Pouring Process
                             Step 7
Use Rapid Set Cement All (10,000 PSI).
                 Step 8
Add powered colorant. Mix  
 well before adding water.
                    Step 9
Mix cement to consistency of
thick batter. Less water is better.

        Step 10
Begin laying cement.
                   Step 11
Place metal mesh in wet cement      
        for strength and durability.
                         Step 15
By using fast setting cement drying time
is 20-30 minutes. Turn top right side up  
      and remove clear contact paper.
                 Step 18
Completely grout top of table
to ensure all gaps are filled.
              Step 19
Clean excess grout off table
with soft sponge and water.
                 Step 20
Finish cleaning with paper towel.
             Step 23
Final seal top with Tile Lab
       Penetrating Sealer.
Finished table 30 days after cement
pour (cement requires 30 days to cure).
             Step 24
Paint wrought iron rim with
Rust-Oleum textured Black.
                      Step 6
Brace iron ring to melonite board to
             prevent movement.